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Air Foamposite One

Slender "Penny" Hardaway ball over the midfield, after the ball to Anderson, quickly empty cut to the basket, which hint the ball high toss, alley-oop! Dunk! 24 seconds without completing half, the Magic has completed a brilliant attack. Hanging on the rim of the "Penny" habitually curled curled legs, feet, a pair of dark blue "strange" shoes, this scene took place in the 1997 playoffs. The reason I remember it is because of "penny" leg of this pair of Nike cross-age products:Nike Air Foamposite One . Foamposite Pro wide range of applications of the material Foamposite shoes. However Foamposite Pro is not designed as a lace overlay, like other materials using Foamposite shoes. Sandwiched between the body of the shoe and the outsole is the whole palm Zoom Air cushioning unit and a large carbon fiber palm support tray. Length and elasticity carbon fiber tray shape and design of the Air Jordan XI carbon fiber support tray very similar. But the first time you wear, you might get used to it in less carbon plate palm arched position, but after wearing a period of time, this unaccustomed feeling will be with excellent shock absorption of the whole palm Zoom Air and he vanished. Foamposite Pro side show out of a strong visual impact. Carbon fiber support tray help Foamposite Pro became one pair of shoes with a high degree of stability. Stability of the unique characteristics of a tandem combination Foamposite shoes make Foamposite Pro For those who like quick cut to the basket offensive player, its performance is very outstanding. Nike Air Foamposite One is an all sneakers enthusiasts who want to get the most classic basketball shoes. Its sapphire blue shoes are combined with translucent outsole is simply the world's most perfect product.Nike Air Max 2017