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Air Jordan 13

NIKE basketball for the generation of King Michael Jordan basketball sneaker made paragraph 13, 1998 listing. Nike Air Jordan 13 is this spark of crystallization, it is accompanied by Jordan sneakers in the last quarter of the Bulls, even though it did not experience the 1998 Finals Game 6 last 5.2 seconds of a perfect cast (Nike Air Jordan 14 Jordan put in that game ), TWO3 concept first appeared also in the Nike Air Jordan 12, but it is indeed the 1997-98 season, Jordan's exclusive shoes, is the first witness to that history. When the Nike Air Jordan 13 initial launch, several Bulls teammate Michael Jordan himself and the few people who wear it. However, a few years later, many Jordan brands camp players wore the 2004 re-engraved version of the Nike Air Jordan 13. There Nike Air Jordan 13 one called "gray toe" color is particularly striking because it is a sample issue of the year. In addition a "green elevation" version of the AJ13 also attracted many people's eyes, because this little shoe issue, but it has been widely discussed. Jordan Nike Air Jordan 13 period gained remarkable achievements, whether it is to lead the Bulls get the second three-peat, or use on 788 consecutive games scoring double to break the "sky hook" Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's record, these achievements can make Nike Air Jordan 13 cultural significance among the best in the entire