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Air Jordan 14

That is referred to as the Chinese Nike Air Jordan 14 generations. From one generation to the present Jordan Nike Air Jordan 14 generations, each generation of designer shoes are due to inspiration. Ferrari550Maranello Nike Air Jordan 14 generations to come the shoe shape. The whole shoe was a sporty design, such as the one with 550. The holes and 550 ventilation system as a mold print-out. Herringbone outsole is even more direct extension of the tires over. The most direct is even trapeze logo also changed, they sent the jubilant imitation of a horse. Removal of these details, if you like the shoes, like cars, you can feel the kind of shoes and cars 2in1 indulgence spirit and strong performance. Back in the summer of 1998, it was an exciting night. Jordan cut off the hands of Malone the ball, audience was crazy shouting "defense, defense." Ball over midfield, into the 3-point line, go past Russell, jumper. . . Jordan is destined to create great.Nike Air Jordan 29