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Air Jordan 3

Nike Air Jordan 3 is the third in the series is on behalf of Jordan basketball shoes, was born in 1987 to a large number of the upper critical crack known. When the final version of the Nike Air Jordan 3 showed Jordan, the Jordan full four hours late - he had been playing golf and Moore. "Let me see your products," Jordan's speech, do not seem to believe that this new design can sell his satisfaction shoes. But when open shoebox, Jordan smiled, and even Nike Air Jordan 3 there is a feeling of love, he might never thought to have such a pair of shoes of your dreams. The outcome is already evident, not long before Jordan announced continued cooperation with nike, a Running this disappeared. As for the Nike Air Jordan 3's road to fame, a mind Fairy-like free-throw line dunk enough? From others in the future of their favorite view, it was the first basketball shoe to get rid of identity become fashion items Air Jordan is not an exaggeration. Now the Air Jordan logo is developed step by step, until 2013 has been 25 years of history, while the Air Jordan will find engraved version of the Nike Air Jordan 3, Nike Air Jordan 3 has iconic role, especially Air Jordan 3 '88 OG, Jordan brand will go all out to return supporter, original classic silhouette Nike brand's history.Nike Air Jordan 4