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Air Jordan 9

February 1994, Michael - Jordan announced his retirement after the first four months, made a surprising decision that changed baseball league, the league baseball to make changes for the purpose of completion of Jordan father wishes, in Jordan father had hoped his son would be able to participate in Major League baseball. - Michael Jordan after a decision to join the Chicago local baseball team - the Chicago White Sox. The team returned to the Chicago White Sox - Michael Jordan into a subsidiary under the Birmingham Barons, during the Birmingham Barons team, Michael - Jordan's performance is not so good as playing basketball. Birmingham Barons played for a season, Michael - Jordan moved to Arizona sconce Dyer Scorpion team, In Maier Ke - after Michael Jordan retired the first time, Nike did not stop the launch of Air Jordan series, Nike Air Jordan 9 launched on schedule, since - Michael Jordan changed baseball, so we did not see Michael Jordan wearing ANike Air Jordan 9 version first year on the basketball court, but Maier Ke - Jordan in 2003, once worn a gray engraved version. In the year of the Major League Baseball - Michael Jordan put on a modified version of the Nike Air Jordan 9 the same upper and original Nike Air Jordan 9, large ground in order to adapt and baseball spikes into a design. In addition, since the time - Michael Jordan wore the baseball league is "45" number, so the Nike Air Jordan 9 baseball edition shoe heel specially embroidered with "45." And embroidered with "45" of Air Jordan9 Nike baseball shoes are purposely limited edition 45 pairs.Nike Air Jordan 10