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First Name : WanFei
Last Name : Zhou
Address : WenXian road
Zip Code :351100
City : PuTian
Country : China
State/Province?: FuJian
Phone : 13559817259

After the payment, plese tell us your first name, last name, amount, currency and country.
Your order will not be shipped until we receive the MTCN payment number
provided by Western Union Money Transfer.

About pay fail. There may be several reasons. I hope to help you.
1 information is incomplete, error or terminate payment: consumers in the fill in the credit card related information, incomplete or false information, leading to the bank is unable to or reject deductions.
2 unauthorised Trading: consumers for payment card is a 3D card, and in the process of payment did not fill out the 3D verification code. So the system will be convicted of unauthorized transactions, and reject deductions.
3 black cards, stolen card, copy card: card system for discriminating consumers pay for the black card, copy card and other illegal card, system to reject deductions.
4 card balance of less than or card expired credit card credit limit: insufficient processing transaction, the cardholder input error of the expiration date or the expiration date of the card has expired, please contact the issuer cardholder is required to obtain the relevant information.
5?Pay risk areas: consumers pay by IP from the international credit card organization classified as a high risk area, the system will judge the high risk transactions, and reject deductions. Such as: Venezuela
6 transnational, trans regional transaction payment: consumers for the payment card is non domestic card, the existence of stolen card consumption of the suspects, so the system will be rated as high as analysis of transaction, and reject deductions.
7 network problems: consumers pay when slow or other network problems, network access, repeatedly refresh the payment page resulted in multiple submit payment application or system failure to receive payment application etc..
8?A IP in a short period of time, many times repeated payment or within a short period of time with the IP but consumer place far distance: consumers to re pay repeatedly in the same IP within a short period of time, the existence of cash, money laundering, fraud and other illegal suspects, system to reject deductions.
9 a single payment limit is too high: a single payment limit beyond the consumer card the largest single payment limit or beyond the system set the highest single payment limit.
10 bad trading record card: consumers for the payment card, the existence of bad records, such as payment.
11 the issuer to reject deductions: consumers issuers to reject deductions, the specific reasons require consumers to contact his issuing bank, to understand the reasons for refusal.

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