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2017/08/08The latest and fastest basketball shopping site
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2017/06/05I haven't been posting information to all our clients for months.
Your order. I've been checking it out for you every day.
The newest and fastest Jordan basketball website
Integrity has always been in our hearts, and silently ploughing
2017/02/10 The goods ordered by the Spring Festival have been sent out
If you do not receive the order tracking number we sent to you
Please contact our customer service inquiries
We have a lot of customers under the background of the next order without payment
Please check it out, our company only sends the order of payment
Thanks to the new and old customers has been the support
2017/1/14 Holiday Notice
We are in the January 24 to February 3 as this year's New Year holiday
During this period we only accept orders will not send the goods on February 3 all arranged to send
Hope that we understand, but also thanks for the support has been
We have been in, remember our mailbox (at any time will help you solve the problem)
I wish you a happy New Year, happy family
2016/12/02Because Christmas is coming
Our company is worried about the logistics will be slower, we recently will use DHL to send the fastest speed
I hope to bring inconvenient places can be understood
Thanks for your support
2016/11/06Very grateful to everyone in the message, give us advice and help
We will promptly for everyone to solve the problem and better for all services
We hope that when the message as detailed as possible, to facilitate our better service to everyone
2016/10/29Today is the beginning of a month to update all categories of products
Today to bring you a new Jordan 3 authentic and yeezy 350&750 V2
Nike Air Jordan 3 Replica Low NS Triple White Mens/Womens Shoes For Sale Nike Store
Nike Air Jordan 3 Replica Black White Oreo Mens/Womens Shoes For Sale Nike Store
Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost GREEN Mens/Womens Shoes For Sale Nike Store
Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost GREY Mens/Womens Shoes For Sale Nike Store
Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost V2 grey orange ShoesMens/Womens Shoes For Sale Nike Store and so on
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2016/10/18Recently busy, if you need to send me mail
Order a large number of products to support Western Union
Your Western Union payment time minus the delivery cost
Below are the customers refunds notifications: Please remember to check the amount of
Invoice No. 2016090665 kai****** 09/06/2016 21:28:41 Total: $ 67.99
Invoice No. 2016091051 regffd****** 09/10/2016 11:25:44 Total: $ 70.99
Invoice No. 2016091308 Kuehn****** 09/13/2016 12:58:11 Total: $ 161.97
Invoice No. 2016092056 h.will****** 09/20/2016 06:25:21 Total: $ 122.04
Invoice No. 9398 irbol****** 09/28/2016 08:24:51 Total: $ 169.84
Invoice No. 9919 Instagr****** 10/04/2016 23:22:31 Total: $ 112.98
Invoice No. 9998 isra-1****** 10/13/2016 09:28:41 Total: $ 229.84
2016/08/30 I think many of my friends have seen us reduce our price. In order to better support and love has always supported us, we retain only a little bit of profit, thank you for believing and support, thank you. I am always here
The latest models will start constantly updated picture. I hope you like and order
Below are the customers refunds notifications: Please remember to check the amount of
Invoice No. 2016082591 kan****** 08/26/2016 23:25:21 Total: $ 67.99
Logistics tracking website, please get in touch with your own local logistics companies have, check the goods.
Our customers send goods, order status update Processing, have EMS number: LT064548 *** CN this is that you have a query number
Refund the customer, we will fill in the background refund, and edit status Delivered
For interactive questions raised, online, email messages, or my personal Google page message
2016/08/25 Recently,Our company is adjusting, looking for a new payment channel. Looking for new advertisers.
Expand the company's planning and better follow-up services for everyone
Please look for our unique after-sales and financial Google mailbox
Thank you again and also some of the old customers have been three or four years of support and help
I am always here.
Below are the last two months, customers refunds notifications: Please remember to check the amount of
Invoice No. 2016080502 Ppabbi****** 08/21/2016 17:33:14 Total: $ 67.99
Invoice No. 2016082107 higgins_****** 08/05/2016 13:50:43 Total: $ 70.88
There are a few of our new credit card customers temporarily unable to support a partial refund of the function, temporarily owe you a few pairs of shoes. I counted over some notes in my mailbox will find anything you like as long as you tell me. I'll help you arrange to send as soon as possible. Owe people something i very upset.
2016/07/03 Through our continuous efforts
We have opened a new credit card payment.
Now we can choose two kinds of credit card payment
Thank you for your support. Western Union concessions will continue
2016/06/17 I'm very sorry to tell you that our credit card channel due to the technology updates
Some countries and regions temporarily unable to pay
I hope you can understand, or choose Western Union (Western Union one or two pairs of minus 5% more than three pairs Save 10%).
Other payment Alipay: zhouwanfei one or two pairs of minus 5% more than three pairs Save 10%)
We can advance at our website single e-mail notification after we pay
We will promptly help you to confirm payment. Check the quality of the goods and arrange and send the goods
2016/05/31 The latest added Michael Jordan 30th generation, kobe Bryant the eleventh generation of basketball shoes.
Later will continue to update the latest fashion for everyone.
I hope you like:
2016/05/10 Refund Notice:
Invoice No. 2016041852 lugoco_c***** 04/18/2016 07:04:56 Total: $50.27
Invoice No. 2016041848 yooze***** 04/18/2016 07:20:20 Total: $69.99
Invoice No. 2016040898 nysa***** 04/08/2016 12:17:00 Total: $67.99
Invoice No. 2016040542 Reynold***** 04/05/2016 21:06:54 Total: $95.99
Please note that orders
If there are no goods we will promptly contact your e-mail
For there is no reply (over two weeks), we will give you a refund automatically arranges and publish their own website find your order number
2016/03/25 Some customers ask me about their new single tracking number. Now I will give you a useful site can collect about. Usually in your own postal logistics can query. This is the United States Postal Logistics
2016/02/27 Chinese New Year to all customers' orders have been sent. Please remember to check everyone. We are now two URLs can remember to backup our website and Also like to thank the support of many old customers have been a few years since. I wish you all success in the new year, good health, a lot of wealth.Already one year old customers, please remember to find me to receive $ 10 worth of coupons
2016/02/19 Refund Notice:
Invoice No. 4038 tyk***** 02/18/2016 06:20:29 Total: $67.99
Invoice No. 4092 esa***** 02/08/2016 10:15:22 Total: $67.99
Invoice No. 4079 coe.t60***** 02/05/2016 23:07:51 Total: $69.99
Invoice No. 4067 fredri***** 02/14/2016 11:24:02 Total: $95.99
Invoice No. 4067 Nedri***** 02/12/2016 11:25:53 Total: $95.99
2016/01/06 I wish you all a Happy New Year, Business is booming, family harmony, Thank you for your participation and support. Our New Year's holiday schedule for the 2016/02/04-2016/02/13. 2016/02/04 previous orders, we will arrange the shipment before Spring Festival. Orders during the holiday. We will arrange the shipment in the early 2016/02/14.Welcome to the interest in the new
2015/12/13 Recently there are a lot of customer said DHL no logistics. Please click on the to check the logistics. Ems express logistics please click /
2015/10/27 Latest updates Under Armour Curry 1, Nike LeBron 13(XIII)
2015/10/23 We are a high-efficiency, high-quality sites.
In order for our site over time in two weeks. We will arrange automatic refund
We do not charge any fees. Welcome to order and support
2015/10/18 Latest updates Nike Lebron XIII, Nike Air Max 2016, Air Jordan 7 (VII) GS "Hot Lava", Air Jordan 7 (VII) Retro GS "Verde", Air Jordan 7 (VII) GS "Lola Bunny", Air Jordan 7 (VII) GS "Valentines Day" ETC. Guests wishing to wait
2015/10/3 Notice:
Chinese National Day holiday on the 1st to the 7th. Eighth official work. Thank you for your continued support and interest
2015/9/11 Order tracking a single number. We will ship the order status update site. Please check in time. This is our inquiry express parcels URL:
2015/7/23 For no goods we will give you an e-mail reply within 24 hours. Please reply as soon as possible For refund customers.
We will promptly refund. Please check your own Honesty online shopping site owner wish you a happy shopping Thank you for your continued support and love. From now self-ordering products on our website. We will be giving away one pair of socks worth authentic Jordan 10 $
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